121Doc Reviews : is 121Doc.com trustworthy or a scam ?

121Doc is an online pharmacy specialized in the sale of health treatments and medicines responding to many various problems for men and women. As in a traditional pharmacy, you will find a wild range or products fitting your needs.

The range of products sold is very extensive and many of them are not available for sale in stores. Similarly, the vast majority of these items are composed of natural elements, which raises the question of whether 121Doc is a serious site and especially if the products sold are of quality.

121Doc reviews and testimonials : is it legit or a scam ?

Here is a detailed survey of this e-commerce website specializing in intimate products to find out if 121 Doc is really a platform selling quality products.

What is 121Doc? who is it?

121Doc is an e-commerce site selling since 2003 products intended to solve an intimate problem. The range of these problems is very broad because the site is aimed at both men and women.

The site offers from its home page several tabs to precisely target the nature of the problem.

121Doc is it safe to buy your medicine online ?

For intimate problems related to the body, there are solutions against gray hair, against hair loss (for both men and women), or for whitening teeth or hyper hair.

The category “Skin Care” includes acne problems, cellulite, tanning or infections such as nail fungus, eczema or scabies.

121Doc.com also offers solutions to more intimate problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, intestinal parasites, … etc.

Similarly, women will also find solutions for breast augmentation without surgery or for vaginal problems. As for men, they will be able to buy incontinence products or treatments for the prostate.

The sexual sphere is not forgotten by this site which provides products answering to very diverse requests. Thus, if he sells contraceptives or lubricant, 121Doc also offers solutions to even more intimate problems such as premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, libido worries or the bad taste of sperm.

Certified doctors help you finding the right med to treat your desease

121Doc.com has also partnered with a large number of well-known brands in their field that allows them to offer high quality drugs and treatments.

The ergonomics, the look and the transparency of the site inspire confidence. From the home page it is possible to know more about 121Doc, an e-commerce store held for 13 years by the company Comfort Click Ltd which has offices all over the world.

Is 121Doc a reliable online pharmacy?

In addition to the great transparency that the site shows, 121Doc has certifications designed to reassure customers.

First of all, the fact that the site exists since 2003 inspires confidence since it has been prospering for more than 10 years, it is good that the latter is serious and especially that it has been able to adapt over time European standards.

The products sold there are mainly composed of natural elements and their effectiveness is clinically proven. This recognizes that the products sold all work if used properly.

Moreover, for each of them, we find on the sales page a product sheet explaining when and how to use them and a list of the ingredients that compose them.

121 Doc offers different treatments for specific conditions : men, women, general health

Similarly, 121Doc.com has an after-sales service that is very easy to reach from Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h. The staff is friendly and professional, always quick to respond to requests from guests and to inform them.

Regarding payments, the site offers 5 different ways to pay and all are secure. The information collected during the order is neither stored nor resold by the site to respect the complete anonymity of users.

The opinions of the consumers left on the site are all verified opinions: it means that they are real customers who left them. Moreover, it is also possible to find these reviews, mostly overwhelmingly positive, on the Feefo Verified Reviews site: further proof of the seriousness of 121Doc.com.

What are the benefits of 121Doc?

121Doc’s policy revolves around discretion and security for its customers. Here are the benefits of this e-commerce store.

Discretion is the number one objective of this site specializing in the sale of products that respond to intimate problems. Also, parcels are quickly sent and are completely anonymous.

They are closed and neither the name of the site nor the name of the product appears on the package so that nobody knows what is inside.

A wide range of products

121 Doc also offers a very wide range of products that respond to more or less intimate and diverse problems. Thanks to the extent of what is sold, there is necessarily on this site a solution to the annoying problem that we encounter.

Health solutions for intimate problems such as asthma or contraception

In addition, all are composed of natural ingredients and have been clinically tested to ensure their effectiveness.

A customer service efficient

This e-commerce store is not just a virtual interface. Indeed, the company has offices all over the world, from London to Sydney in Australia, and above all a customer service that is very present.

The latter can be contacted by email or directly by phone, 5 days a week, from 9h to 19h. The staff is able to answer questions from users and can also take the order by phone.

Several secure payment methods

121 Doc seems to want to offer the best opportunities to its customers, and this is also true in terms of payment method. Indeed, the site offers several possibilities:

  • By credit card: several types are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express) and all are secured by Verisign ™ encryption technology.
  • By Paypal: another secure way of payment since the customer does not even have to enter his credit card number.
  • By bank transfer: the site has agreements with several banks to make this type of payment, especially with CIC, Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, BNP Paribas or Banque Populaire.
  • Cash on delivery: 121Doc is one of the few sites to accept payment on delivery if it is done with UPS for example.

How to place an order on 121Doc?

Ordering this online drugstore is very simple. This takes place in only 5 steps.

1. Add your product to cart

When the product has been chosen, it is possible to add it to the cart via two green buttons well highlighted on the site page.

The first is right next to the product image on the right, with the price shown above. The second button is at the bottom of the page, below the explanation of the use of the product.

Just click once on the “add to cart” button in green to register the product. Then, it is possible to continue browsing 121Doc.com or to directly adjust the product.

To do this, you must go to his basket by clicking on the button at the top right that appears when the mouse over the logo “basket”, represented by a small blue cart.

The list of saved products appears then and just click on the green button “settle” to proceed to the payment.

2. Promotional code and coordinates

If you are already a customer, you only need to enter your email address and the password chosen when creating the account. Otherwise, fill in the fields presented to receive the product invoice and send the delivery to the correct address.

The surname, first name, e-mail address (for the invoice), date of birth as well as the telephone number are requested. No information is subsequently recorded by the site and the site will not resell them either. The greatest confidence can therefore be granted.

Advantages of 121Doc : private, confidential, genuine medication and fast delivery

When the fields are filled, you must click on the green button at the bottom right “delivery address” to continue the payment, do not forget to indicate the promo code if you have some. We will give you a promotional code as soon as we have it in our possession below:

Promo code

Feel free to contact us to find out if we can get you a unique promo code.
Valid on the product of your choice!

3. Address and method of delivery

New fields appear: you must enter the delivery address to receive the product at home or at work, as you wish.

The packages are totally banal which means that the name of the site does not appear on it and that the nature of the product is not indicated either. The site is extremely discreet.

At this stage, it is also possible to choose between 4 possible delivery methods and the cost is indicated for each, knowing that orders over 50 euros benefit from free shipping with UPS.

Depending on the chosen option, the delivery can take from 24h (with UPS) to 10 days (with the Post Office). Intermediate options are also present.

Once all the fields are filled and the delivery chosen, it is possible to proceed to the next step by clicking on the green button “payment details” at the bottom right.

4. Choice of payment

The various payment methods mentioned above are offered. For some of them, additional fees may be added.

This treatment provider has safe payment and reliable partners and is registered in UK

If payments by card, Paypal and bank transfer are not surcharged, the cash on delivery has an additional cost. Indeed, it takes about 25 euros extra that will pay the UPS delivery.

5. Order Confirmation

After paying, you will receive a confirmation email with the order number in your mailbox. This message certifies that your payment has been taken into account and that the product will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Consumer reviews : is 121Doc reliable ?

All the products for sale on the site 121Doc have a rating ranging from 4/5 to 5/5. This note is left by the users of the product in question who have been able to test it.

121Doc is a registered EU pharmacy with verified patient reviews

All comments on the online store are verified which confirms the veracity of the latter.

Moreover, the questions asked in comments by Internet users, even if they come back several times, all find an answer thanks to the customer service of the site which is very active.

Consumer Reviews on 121Doc’s Rating Sites

The Feefo website collects the comments of real customers of the 121Doc site. Thus, every opinion left is a reflection of reality. Users are invited to write a comment for the service delivery of the site as well as for the effectiveness of the product.

121Doc is rated excellent from Trustpilot reviews in Europe

In terms of last year’s customers, 88% are satisfied with the service and 82% are satisfied with the service.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the effectiveness of many products is true over time (shampoos for growing hair, devices for enlarging the penis, lotions for nail fungus, … etc.).

Our experience and our testimonial on 121Doc

We made a test purchase in order to give our own opinion on the quality of the service and the products of the site 121Doc. For example, we ordered Skin Doctors’ Ingrow Go product for ingrown hairs.

The order went very well and was very easy to do online. When paying by credit card, we have verified the appearance of the logo padlock in the insert of the address of the web page, which certifies the security of the payment.

We then received the confirmation email in the mail box, but still wanted to contact customer service to make sure they could be reached.

Reviews and testimonials about customers regarding to 121 Doc

Thus, after a few seconds of waiting, we managed to be quickly online with a professional hostess who answered precisely our questions about the delivery of the product and its use.

Having chosen the cheapest delivery, the one by mail, we received the product 8 days later in a completely anonymous package. Impossible to know that it came from the site 121Doc, or what the package contained.
green thumb

The product was well packaged and we could use the lotion quickly.

Indeed, the product works well on ingrown hairs. In a few days, our tester, who was using this on the beard hair, got rid of ingrown hairs.

In conclusion, everything went very well during our order.

The site is very serious and the chosen product shows its effectiveness in 3 – 4 days. However, this is not possible with all products, so it will take patience for some.